About us

Prima & Vera Productions is an independent production company with experience in film, television, theater and service productions. Behind this name are professionals with the motivation to create projects that matter.

They are the team you need for content creation, project development, fundraising, line producers, and post-production coordination assistance.     

 Smaller, smarter.

Primavera Ruiz

Producer / Production Manager

Primavera began her professional career at Apache Films with Enrique López Lavigne. She soon created his own brand, Prima & Vera Productions to produce his first documentary feature film “Ana y yo”, later “Ata, painting black” and “Once upon a time on the Reservation” (filming on the Navajo Nation in Arizona). She was associate producer and production manager for Esteban Crespo in “Aquel no era yo”. This short film won a Goya in 2013 and was nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Primavera has worked on several international films such as “El dragon de Hierro” and “Oswald”, a Filmin documentary series directed by Kike Maillo. She was production manager in “Saura (s)” by Félix Viscarret and the documentary series “Atlánticas” broadcast by TVE. Her latest collaborations as line producer have been in El Terrat de Mediapro Studio, Goroka tv and Warner Bros Entertainment.

Carolina Salas


Carolina Salas is a creative producer and project manager who works internationally, mainly in Iceland and Spain. Based in Reykjavík Carolina owns SALAS Stúdíó ehf, a company that specializes in providing production services and project management within the wide spectrum of the international audiovisual industry. Carolina managed the Reykjavík Film festival Industry program for several years and is currently working as a freelancer within the Production Team of True North Iceland. Her prior work as a film producer or co-producer includes the features films Everything in the End by Mylissa Fitzsimmons, the feature doc Home Again by Dögg Mósesdóttir, Women, Bread and Dreams ( in development) and the short films The Goodness of Life, Mr. Murphy, LjósÖld, Islandia, Storm Room, The Silence of the Fish and a variety of commercial and service jobs.


Producer / Executive Producer

Ana began a professional career with José Manuel Lorenzo at Drive Entertaiment where she worked in the areas of production and marketing. Then, she moved to Boomerang TV to work on managing film and musical theater projects. Ana is executive producer of the feature film “De Chica en Chica” broadcasting in TVE and head of production of the international film “Ignacio de Loyola” directed by Paolo Dy. She has collaborated in the marketing campaigns for the series “Vergüenza”, and she was also coordinating director for the documentary TV Series “El Desafío” for Prime Video. She is part of the production team for the late night “Parking Karaoke” produced by El Terrat.