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Lorca al vacío

Lorca al vacío confronts us with the drama of an author, Federico. The poet who faces the opinions of the production and the conservative public. As a consequence, his characters and fears besiege him: the typist and overwhelmed femininity; the gypsy and the decadent folklore; Elena de Troya, wounded by the passage of time and the crisis; Pepe el Romano, curfew of sexual identity … A complete self-sacramental, where literature and life are confused.

The Cervantine Society has taken on the challenge of thinking about Lorca from the paths opened by the visual arts. His impossible theater (The public, So five years pass …) is more possible today than ever and his unfinished dramas today find passionate spectators of the unfinished. Demonstrating its validity requires scratching the folkloric varnish and giving without prejudice to the contradictions: between joy and tragic feeling, tradition and the avant-garde, beauty and ugliness.

Sonia Sebastián

María Velasco

Ana Carrera

Direction Assistant
Javier Marlasca

Aarón Lobato
Natalie Pinot
Raúl Jiménez
Esosa Omo
Jorge Silvestre
Irene Serrano
Teresa Vallejo
(also: Julio Rojas, Javier Ugarte y Lucía Espín).