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De chica en Chica

Life smiles to Inés (Celia Freijeiro) in Miami until her girlfriend Becky discovers that she has been cheating on him with Kirsten (Jane Badler), an American publisher who is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The time has come, then, to return home and to see Lola (Sandra Collantes), the heterosexual with whom she is in love. She presents herself by surprise at her house and there is Verónica (Cristina Pons), whom she abandoned pregnant the day they were going to get married. Also present is Sofía, the erotic novel editor she cheated on, and Javier, Lola’s ex, with whom Inés always competed. And Fran, the straight-minded gay friend and his girlfriend Linda, a spectacular transsexual … Movie based on the online series “Chica busca chica” (2008).

Sonia Sebastián

Sonia Sebastián
Cristina Pons
Ángel Turlan
Olga Iglesias

Pocapena Producciones
Versus Entertainment

David San José
Gonzalo de la Vega

Pilar Sánchez Díaz

Celia Freijeiro
Cristina Pons
Sandra Collantes
María Botto
María Ballesteros
Marina San José
Adrián Lastra
Ismael Martínez