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El banquete

Sit at a table. Talk. Eat. To love. Fuck. To play. Laugh. Love and food as pleasure and experience but also as consumption. Inspired by Plato’s Banquet, five playwrights write to six characters who meet between wine and delicacies to philosophize about love. Each one reflects from this, our time, what love is: Love hurts. Love no longer exists. Love is finding your better half. Love is not that bad either. Love is a capitalist invention. A comedy about the darkest arcana of food and love.

Sonia Sebastián

Dramaturgy coordinator
María Velasco

María Velasco
Alberto Conejero
Elena Lombao
Anna R. Costa
Sergio Martínez Vila

Ana Carrera

Natalie Pinot
Carlos Lorenzo
Miquel Insua
Hui Chi Chiu (Chi)
Aarón Lobato
Julio Rojas

Carmen Castañón

Sonia Sebastián
José Francisco Castro