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KultO is a gastronomic and cultural documentary series that takes place all over Spain and investigates the relationships between noted Chefs and the local products that they use in their kitchens. In each episode, the main character will be a product, the Chef will discover the day-to-day life of their producers, who will also teach us all about production procedures, the relationship with the nature and the concept of origin. A reflection of our culture through the gastronomy.

Chefs, fascinated by the philosophy of these people, manage to reconcile with their initial vision of their kitchens; giving voice and visibility to local and seasonal products which production encloses a tremendous effort and sacrifice. Chefs along with producers will express their way of giving kultO to food outside their kitchens. Each chapter will have a 360º demonstration of the production. The product will be the main concept to present the different Autonomous Communities.

The commitment and professionalism of these producers, the respect for their product, the love for the land and its bet on a different lifestyle, away from the big industries and chain jobs… all of that will chart a general vision of the culinary art in our country, with products that represent our culture and all the serious survival issues from factors such as industrialization, big sale supermarkets, climate change, the globalization…

Every single chef will undertake a journey in each episode, ending with a cooking demonstration with the product and its people.

The human stories that appear behind each product are the real protagonist.

Primavera Ruiz
Elena Goatelli

Primavera Ruiz
Ana Carrera