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Carlos Saura, a living legend. Félix Viscarret, a director who wants to make a film portrait of the great master. He draws up a plan. He thinks it’s brilliant. He will show the intimate side of Saura through conversations of the genius with his 7 children. Everyone accepts. But Saura does not like talking about the past. Viscarret insists. Saura likes to paint. And photography. Viscarret does not give up. He tries again. Saura likes to paint. And photography.

Nominated best documentary film in Goya and Foqué Awards 

Félix Viscarret

Executive producers
Mario Madueño
Luis Ángel Ramírez

Music by 
Mikel Salas

Cinematography by
Pedro J. Márquez

Film Editing by 
Antonio Frutos
Javi Frutos

Production manager
Primavera Ruiz