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La espuma de los días

Once upon a time there was a vision taken from life and freedom. A desperate eulogy of the joie de vivre or joy of living with a sad man, a cleaning robot, a Mickey Mouse costume, a dancer … and foam.

Published shortly after World War 2, Boris Vian’s The Foam of Days (L’Écume des Jours) is a “heartbreaking love novel,” signed by a young author sentenced to death for heart disease and possessed by a desperate vitalism.

What hope is there for romantic feelings when the city of love is the second most expensive in the world? In this contemporary appropriation of the famous novel La Espuma de los Días, by Boris Vian, we witness the spark of love and its extinction under the sign of the somatic and economic crisis. The disease is an electroshock necessary to question some conventions, dream other heavens.

Text / direction:
Boris Vian / María Velasco

Miguel Ángel Altet
Fabián Augusto Bohórquez
Lola Jiménez
Natalie Pinot

Lola Jiménez

Illumination design
Antoine Forgeron

Space design
Marcos Carazo

Costume design
Daniel Voltta (con la colaboración de la compañía)

Direction Assistant
Peio Lekumberri

Executuve Producer
Ana Carrera